+ SCALE was approached by frequent collaborators Sub Rosa [AdAge’s Small Agency of 2010] to create materials for an event GE hosted in San Francisco, called Ecomagination. Celebrating its 5 year anniversary, the event showcased various energy technologies from wind power, nuclear recycling, and locomotive logistics management systems. + SCALE created 6 videos in HD, displayed on flat-panel plasmas, HD projectors on walls and a fabricated “cloudstream”.

GE: Offshore Wind Turbine
+ SCALE was delivered 2 images for this video; a photograph of 5 GE Wind Turbines and a photo-illustration from the April 2010 cover of Popular Science. For the first section of this video, + SCALE projection mapped the photograph onto rough 3d geometry, rebuilt the wind turbines, textured and lit the scene with a daylight lighting diagram, animated the turbine blades spinning, and added real wave footage [shot at the edge of a pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn] and moving clouds to the scene. In the second section, + SCALE cut apart the flat image of the Popular Science image and dismantled it into several layers that could be reverse-animated from a complete model, to an exploded view of the discrete components of the turbine.

Producer: Michael Ventura [SubRosa]
Creative director | lead compositor: Todd Sines
3d animators: Lauren Prestifilippo & Jamel Dreyton

+ SCALE offers innovative, creative solutions for film, video, design, interaction and audio. Led by creative director Todd Sines, + SCALE operates as boutique studio collective of artists, directors, designers, animators and photographers. Projects include direction and design for broadcast, film, web, print and environments.