An “already completed, ready to launch” rewards and B2C communication app attempts to go to market with zero strategy in place. From identity, interface, website and marketing materials, the look and feel is dated before the product even launches, having been designed by the programmer / app inventor and has no training in design, human factors or marketing. Core functionality was omitted, crippling the app for users who had to “check in” before they could see any true features of the businesses on the app.

Todd Sines consulted as creative director for Zippy, providing creative direction from the ground up. Beginning with a complete identity overhaul, he redesigned the logo, collateral materials and branding. Sines then reassessed the core user experience of the app, providing wireframes for both the consumer app and business owner’s “dashboard”. His recommendations for exploring, maps, filtering and previews of the location and their featured specials made the app useful outside the confines of the brick and mortar location, allowing users to check the place out before checking in.
He led the creative on user interface design for both business + customer applications, Zippy site redesign: copywriting, photography, animation, and implementation. In addition, various branding materials were conceived and produced, ranging from postcards, brochures, posters, apparel, stickers, window decals.

Creative direction, design, photography, film: Todd Sines of + SCALE.