HELIC.AL, run by Todd Sines and Charles Noel, is a label, collective and platform for recontextualization of ideas, energy and material from the past 50 years; presenting it in familiar, retrospective and futuristic forms. Its physical manifestation tangibly equates to records, photographs, apparel, ephemera, site-specific art installations, live performances and more.

HELIC.AL launched in 2016 with its first event and cassette sampler [HELIC.AL000], THE END. Since 2016, THE END has featured performances and art installations at the Russell Industrial Center, Red Door Digital, and El Club in Detroit, MI during Memorial Day weekend, coinciding with Detroit’s Movement festival. Suzanne Ciani, Cindytalk, Eric Random, Das Ding, Cyrnai, John Bender, Stuart Argabright of IKE YARD, Richard Fearless of Death in Vegas, Bill Converse, Stallone the Reducer, 51717, Charles Manier, Tadd Mullinix, SSPS & Gramma of Excepter, 10-Speed Guillotine, FRZNTE, Interval, Artefactos de Dolor, Möthersky, Traxx, FBK, Titonton, Ed Luna, Charlie, Turtle Bugg, Alex from Queens, Egill Kalevi Karlsson, Kristjan Zaklynsky, and more have all performed, shown or played at THE END.

In 2017, HELIC.AL launched the debut album of Interval, a project between Todd, Charles and routine + SCALE collaborator Andries Boekelman. The project, charted by Silent Servant, Hypnobeat, Traxx and more is a collision of acid / goth / post-punk / dub — precisely what you might imagine from 2 industrial fans that got sidetracked with making club-friendly dance music for the past 30 years. In 2019, HELIC.AL launches the debut album of Artefactos de Dolor, born from experiments Sines made exploring new territory on Buchla-inspired Sputnik Modular modules designed by his friend Roman Filippov of Black Corporation. Enlisting Charles once again for collaboration on the rhythm section, ADD features the rising star LDY OSC, aka Alyssa Barrera on vocals and indigenous Mayan wind instrument pájaro tortuga. La Niña, their debut release, has already been called “Album of the Year” by Traxx, Lena Willikens, Bruno Pronsato and more.

Creative direction + design: Todd Sines of + SCALE.

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Artefactos de Dolor Ritmo Primal Inverted Audio premiere by Baptiste Girou.
Artefactos de Dolor on New Brvtalism 191 on the Brvtalist.